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Cost Schedule
On Saturday Mornings
House Pick Up
First come first serve TEXT 469-223-3151 TO PICK UP
Cash at pick up NO COINS ACCEPTED
12/08 10 SS 10 RMN $8 No our newspaper do not carry the P&G Laundry qs in the RMN
12/08 Option 2 10 SS 10 RMN 10SSB $10 no our newspapers do not carry the P&G laundry qs in the RMN

12/01 10 RMN $5

11/24 10 PG DEC 10 SS $5

Local Meet ups do not require a preorder, but prepays are accepted via Paypal Friends and Family using the link below.

PayPal Friends and Family ONLY!

Your package is held until the end of the meet up day, if you no show your package will be placed back into circulation and you will forfeit any monies paid

Sunday Meet Up Schedule

First come first serve
Cash at pick up NO COINS ACCEPTED
Disclaimer: All locations for Couponsmacky meet ups are listed. See actual picture schedule for times and locations for today.
Delays may occur but meet ups are rain or shine
I post our estimated time of arrival from our waze app
If I am early I will stay 5 mins past the posted scheduled time.
If I am delayed, then i will process everyone that was waiting and then i will leave.
Do not meet me to a location beat me there.
It is always cash at pick up, it makes the lines alot faster if i dont have to make change so please bring the exact amount due.
If you need a specific locations address please send me a text at 469-223-3151