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Local Meet ups do not require a preorder,
First come first serve
Cash at pick up NO COINS ACCEPTED Have exact amounts Due.
Disclaimer: All locations for Couponsmacky meet ups are listed. See actual picture schedule for times and locations for today.
Delays may occur but meet ups are rain or shine
I post our estimated time of arrival from our waze app
If I am early I will stay 5 mins past the posted scheduled time.
If I am delayed, then i will process everyone that was waiting and then i will leave.
Do not meet me to a location beat me there.
It is always cash at pick up, it makes the lines alot faster if i dont have to make change so please bring the exact amount due.
If you need a specific locations address please send me a text at 469-223-3151

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03/14/2020 What's Available Saturday 03/14/2020 Meet Up