Coupon Smacky

Smacky's Boutique

Shipping cost is based on Coupon Count Totals

01~48 coupons $0.60 (USPS First Class Stamp)
49~99 coupons $0.90 (USPS First Class Stamp)
100~148 coupons $1.20 (USPS First Class Stamp)
149~199 coupons $1.50 (USPS First Class Stamp)

200~300 coupons $3.95 (USPS First Class Parcel) includes Delivery Confirmation

300~500 coupons $5.05 (USPS Flat Rate Envelope)

2~3 Day Delivery
USPS Flat Rate Envelope $5.05 (hold up to 500 individual coupons)
USPS Flat Rate Medium Box $11.30 (holds up to 1000 individual coupons)
USPS Flat Rate Large Box $15.80 (holds 1000+ I will let you know if we get to this limit)

Delivery Confirmation is +$1

Whole Insert Combo Packs
1*Combo up to 30 inserts $5.05
2*Combo up to 60 inserts $5.70 (Pricing subject to change weekly)
3*Combo up to 120 inserts $11.30
4*Combo up to 120 inserts $11.30
5*Combo up to 150 inserts $15.80

An order of multiple combo products (of the same product) will be combined if the original multipack product is not available, however the shipping charge on the original invoice will be due, and is not eligible for refund. Example: if I am out of stock of the 2*Combo product and you order (2) 1*Combo pack you will be charged $10.10, but depending on what the 2*Combo pack shipping charge that week the order may be combined into 1 shipping package of $5.70.