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How do I return an item? Refund-Return Policy:

  • Refunds are given as Smacky Bucks only (instore credit).
  • If I made a mistake with the product posting that you ordered I will fix the product listing and refund you the amount spent on the error only.
  • If I sent the wrong coupon and the line item of the order is correct I will refund the error and if there is still time on the expiration date I will resend the right ones.
  • If coupons are missing please email me back as quickly as possible, and inform me of which coupons and how many and I will refund the error and if there is still time on the expiration date and they are in stock I will resend the right ones.
  • I do not refund for coupons that you bought that have expired. Please check the dates and check the shipping estimates.
  • I do not offer refunds for orders you did not get in time for a sale, I have no control over the postal service.
  • If your order has gone missing, please do not contact me for a possible refund unless it has been at least 10 business days from the DAY IT WAS SHIPPED. This gives it time for the order to not only get to you but also be returned to me if there was any error with postage or the address.
  • If your order is received, you will receive notification via email that an order was received back, along with the post office's reason for return, typically in form of a picture of the yellow label on the original envie. At the time of return the processing fees will be refunded.
  • If after the 10 days the order was not received, and has not been returned to me, then 1/2 of the processing fees minus any Paypal fees will be refunded.
  • Only when the order is received back to me will the remaining processing fees will be refunded.
  • Any orders cancelled after payment has been received will be refunded minus any Paypal fees.

I highly recommend you request delivery confirmation for all orders.

I make my decision on a case by case basis.