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We take pride in the fact that we are able to offer you a selection of (2) different newspapers
Texas Business:

  • Texas Business is not considered a full edition newspaper.
  • The Texas Business Smart Source will NOT have coupons for the following brands General Mills, Stayfree, Playtex, Campbells, Palmolive, Colgate, Schick, Bic, Huggies, Lysol just to name a few.
  • The Texas Business Red Plums usually gets Unilever, and Garnier, but will not normally have Henkel coupons.
  • Dallas P&G does usually carries Tide/Gain coupons however we had a hit or miss year in 2017 I can no longer say for sure..
  • I do not carry the Dallas Morning News or Fort Worth Star Telegram

Out of State (OOS)©:

  • The OOS© is a full edition Sunday newspaper.
  • The OOS© SmartSource do include coupons for the following brands, General Mills, Stayfree, Playtex, Campbells Palmolive, Coglate Schick, BIC Huggies, Lysol, just to name a few, however the dollar values and exact coupons will vary.
  • The OOS© Red Plum usually get Unilever, but does not carry Garnier, Henkel or Gain or Tide Simply coupons
  • The OOS© P&G does not carry any Tide, Gain, or Downy coupons.

I do not guarantee ANY specific coupons when preordering.