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All products products will have a shipping cost added at check out.

We currently use the United States Postal Service for all shipments.

I wish I could control every aspect of this business, but when it comes to the delivery of your order I cannot, and in recent years we have experienced a bit of a slow down, so please be conscious of this when you place your order, as I can guarantee that your order will be hand delivered to my local post office, but I cannot guarantee when you will receive them.

Whole Inserts

Shipping cost is based on the quantity of inserts ordered.

  • 01-70 $9.95 Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope
  • 70-120 $15.00 USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box
  • 121~200 $19.95 Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Box

USPS will have a price hike on 1/27/2020 so the prices above will be adjusted

Clips Orders
Shipping cost is based on the total quantity of coupons.
01-48 $0.60 First Class Stamp no Tracking
49-99 $0.90 First Class Stamp no Tracking
any order 100+ requires tracking $3.60 First Class Package
You have an option to have clips shipped Priority Mail for $7